How Does Niche Verify That Reviews Are Real?

Quality control is a constantly evolving process at Niche that we strive to continuously improve as we get more feedback from our users, schools, and the data itself. Niche employs a number of quality control measures when incorporating self-reported user data and user reviews. While there is no completely foolproof way to ensure that one specific review or piece of data is accurate, these techniques are meant to minimize the impact of potentially inaccurate or erroneous data.

We use three main phases of quality control with respect to self-reported user data and user reviews.

  • Automatic quality control measures 

    These measures attempt to automatically prevent both erroneous data (from user error) and fraudulent data from ever making it to our platform and skewing a user's perspective of a school.

  • Ongoing community flagging and feedback

    There is a "Report" link next to all user generated content on Niche that allows any Niche visitor to report any content as in violation of our Content Guidelines which then is manually reviewed by a Niche employee.

  • Regular data updates and audits

    When scoring user reviews or user data for rankings and platform features, we have additional automated scripts that account for anomalies and suspicious activity.


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