Niche Partner Portal Pending Updates

Why do some information updates go pending?

While most of the information updates in the Niche Partner Portal will publish live to your Niche profile immediately, some updates will need to go through a manual review by a Niche employee before appearing on your profile. There are three types of updates that can trigger a manual review:

  1. The update will significantly change how your institution appears on Niche.
    Making a change to the name of your institution, for example, will have a major impact on how your profile appears and may affect how prospective students and families are able to find your profile on Niche.
  2. The update will change how your institution is classified on Niche.
    Changing your institution from ‘public’ to ‘private’, for example, will affect your classification on site and can change what other institutions you are compared against, as well as what search filters will apply to you.
  3. The update will remove information from your profile on Niche.
    We want to ensure that prospective students and families have access to as much accurate information as possible about your institution. If information is being removed from your profile, those changes will be manually reviewed to ensure that the updates are legitimate and intentional.


How long will my update stay pending?

It should take a few business days at most for any pending updates to be manually reviewed by our team. The length of the pending period can depend on the number of updates being made on Niche at a given time. If many institutions are updating information at the same time, it will take our team a bit longer to review those updates.

If any pending updates are taking longer than a few days, please reach out to our Customer Support team at with the subject line "Your School Name - Pending Updates" and we will work with you to resolve any issues.


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