I Am Unable To See My Review On Niche

Niche maintains a record of all published and deleted reviews. If you are unable to locate your review on a Niche profile for a school, college, or place to live, it may be due to the following reasons:

The review violated our guidelines

Your review may have been removed from Niche for violating our Guidelines for Reporting and Removing Content. If you would like to leave a new review in compliance with Niche content guidelines, our User Support team will be happy to guide you through the account deletion process so you may register again using the same email, which will allow you to leave a new review. We also encourage you to explore our articles outlining tips for leaving a helpful review on Niche and more information regarding removing an existing review.

The review was not successfully submitted

Your review may not appear on site if the review survey was not fully completed. It is possible a review will not post because the registration process was not completed. We recommend logging into your account and completing the registration process - more information on registration can be found in the Registration section of the Niche Resource Center.

The review was in a submission queue

Some reviews are filtered into a queue to be manually checked by our User Support team before they can be published on the platform. Reviews, after successful submission, may take up to two business days to be published on Niche.

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