Why Doesn't Niche Display Extensive Special Education Data?

We feel that data regarding educational programs for special needs is very important. Currently, a large portion of the K-12 data on our platform comes from the US Department of Education data sets. The US Department of Education does not currently collect sizeable or consistent data related to special needs programs. We do have special needs schools listed on Niche, but if a school is designated "Primarily Special Needs," we exclude them from grades and rankings, as they may be at a disadvantage based on how we currently calculate our grades and rankings.

To search schools that primarily offer special education programs, start by indicating what type of school you are looking for, and select the corresponding option on the Niche homepage. When you arrive at the list of ranked schools, you can then use the filters on the left side of the page to help narrow your results. You may also select specific lists by choosing from the options at the top of the page. The list section can be expanded by clicking on the “...” symbol at the top of the menu. Using too many filters might result in zero matches, so we suggest starting with one or two that are most important to you.






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