Where Do Poll Responses Come From?

The polls that you are seeing on your profile are taken on a separate survey than the initial review survey. 

Users are prompted to fill out this second survey immediately after leaving their initial review. If they choose not to fill out the second survey at that time, they are able to fill the survey out later by clicking the "review my school" button on a school they have already left a review for.

This form will present various poll questions, such as "What are your favorite school events or traditions?", or ask students to rate how they feel about their school on various topics, such as safety, teachers, and clubs. These responses populate the polls across the school's profile. The questions on this survey are not required in order to submit the survey, which is why you might see more responses on one poll on your profile than another. We require at least 5 responses to any individual question before we will list results on a profile.

We would recommend asking your students/families who have not left reviews to leave a review and select the option to participate in the second survey. If they have already left reviews on your school page, we'd recommend that they log in to the same account they used to leave the initial review, and click "review my school" again, where they will be able to fill out these polls.

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