What Makes A Helpful Review?

What do you wish you knew about your school before you went? Share your experience with others by writing a review on Niche! Each month, we publish thousands of reviews that help people find where they belong, whether it’s a new school, college, or place to live. The review process is easy. Here are some useful tips for how to write a review on Niche.

  • Describe what you love most about your school and suggest what could be improved. 
  • Do not use offensive language or personally identifying details like names or job titles. If you do, your review could be removed. You can check out our Guidelines for Reporting and Removing Content for more information.
  • Share your thoughts on the campus, food, activities, transportation, weather, or academics. 
  • Write about what you wish you had known before attending the school or moving to the new location. If you had a friend interested in attending your school, what would you tell them to be prepared?
  • Be honest! Let your review be a real reflection of your experience.

You may begin the review process by using one of the links below!

Review Your School
Review Your College
Review Your Grad School
Review Your Town

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